Frontview’s Retarded Karate

Retarded karate:

What is retarded karate Anyways?  One answer could be fighting, this settles conflict between two parties with different viewpoints. One of the greatest human gift’s is the ability for us to be different, but don’t you think it’s also one of our greatest flaws?  Welcome to Retarded Karate!

It seems the human psyche is programmed to be different.  This is why authority, parents, and other adult figures often tell us to “be different”.  Retarded Karate not only helps people understand that real fighting is stupid but allows the involvement of play, in order to create a higher awareness of the real dangers or consequences of physical combat.  Real fighting is very dangerous, most of the time people can shrug off battle wounds.  Other times it leaves a lasting physical mark.  Yet we still choose conflict over peaceful resolution in order to settle one’s viewpoint.  For years, psychologists and sociologists have been asking “why is this?”  This also involves animals.  Even if they may be of the same type of animal, different species will still scrap it out in order to dominate one another.

It is perfectly natural to have a human sense of “Pride”. Naturally we can’t always be correct, so in some cases differences arise between two parties. Retarded Karate allows people to learn “Play fighting”, which is an essential part of the learning process.  Most animals growing up using play fighting to mimic essential values of survival.  Play Fighting or Retarded Karate with humans seems to mock this step and allows people to view fighting in a different light.   The ability to withstand insults and attacks, a type of conditioning that Retarded Karate can offer.  Arguments can sometimes lead into fights, or can evolve into full scale nuclear war.  Why not practice and mimic nature’s intention of war through Retarded Karate!

Holy Crap Karate

Holy Crap Karate

Retarded Karate owes its beginnings due to the popularity of martial arts, both in mass media and reality.  A large number of disreputable, fraudulent, or misguided teachers and schools have arisen, approximately over the last 40 years.  Commonly referred to as a “McDojo” or a “Black Belt Mill,” these schools are commonly headed by martial artists of dubious skills.  Welcome to beginning of Retarded Karate!